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Name: John Francis Ranald DANIEL

Father: Thomas DANIEL
Mother: Frances CARPENTER
Siblings: Atchason Vine DANIEL

James Chapman DANIEL

Spouse: Elizabeth Amina GAY

Annie Willoughby LYLE

Children: Frances Mary Matilda DANIEL

Arthur Francis Ranald DANIEL

Edgar Bruce Ranald DANIEL

Jessie Ellen DANIEL

Elizabeth Margaret N DANIEL


John Francis Ranald DANIEL

Atchason Thomas Ranald DANIEL

Kathleen Barbara Annie DANIEL

Kenneth Claud R DANIEL

Relationship to Mark: Great, great grandfather
Date and place of birth: 25th November 1829 - Newport, Monmouthshire
1841 Census Aged 12 - Living at Clarence Place, Westbury on Trym with mother and brothers.
1851 Census Aged 22 - Living at 9 Clarence Place, Westbury on Trym with mother and brothers. Solicitor's Junior Clerk.
1861 Census Aged 32 - Living at 8 Alfred Street, Westbury on Trym with mother and brothers. Secretary of **
Date and place of marriage: Elizabeth Amina GAY - 3rd quarter 1861
Date and place of marriage: Annie Willoughby LYLE - 10th January 1889
1881 Census Aged 52 - Living at Fircliff House, Avonmouth with Annie, Frances, Arthur, Jessie, Elizabeth and Flora. Secretary and General Manager of Pier Railway and Dock Company. Employed a cook and nursemaid.
1891 Census Aged 62 - Living at Fircliff House, Avonmouth with Annie, Elizabeth, John F R (junior), Atchason, Kathleen and Kenneth. Railway Manager. Employed one domestic servant.
1901 Census Aged 72 - Living at Fircliff House, Avonmouth with Annie and Kathleen.
Date and place of death: 23rd December 1918 - Mells, Frome, Somerset

John Francis Ranald built Fircliff House in Avonmouth in the 1860s as a family home.

Today the house is divided into several residences.

 Other information

Educated in private schools, John F R Daniel studied law and civil engineering. He was involved in many of the local railway companies and was Secretary of the Weston, Cleveland and Portishead Light Railway until 1911. The railway was later absorbed into the Great Western Railway.

John F R Daniel took an active part in the formation of the 1st  Gloucestershire Volunteer Rifle Corps, as drill and musketry instructor. He joined the Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery in 1869; raising first a detachment and then a company at Portishead. He was gazetted Second Lieutenant in March 1869, then First Lieutenant in July 1871, Captain March 1881, Hon. Major in May 1886. He held a volunteer officers decoration for long and efficient service, and a sword presented by officers of G V Rifles.


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