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 John Francis Ranald DANIEL  


  John Francis Ranald DANIEL  



We know from this picture that John Francis Ranald (junior) was in the cavalry. However, we have not yet found any records to support this.


 Annie Willoughby LYLE




 Frances Mary Matilda DANIEL

 Arthur Francis Ranald DANIEL

 Edgar Bruce Ranald DANIEL

 Jessie Ellen DANIEL

 Elizabeth Margaret N DANIEL

 Flora Alice L DANIEL

 Atchason Thomas Ranald DANIEL

 Kathleen Barbara Annie DANIEL

 Kenneth Claud R DANIEL




 Norah Manning WHEELEY




 Norah Patricia DANIEL

 Stella Barbara DANIEL

 Sylvia Willoughby DANIEL

 Moira Phyllis DANIEL

 Doreen Castell DANIEL


 John Francis Ranald DANIEL

Relationship to Mark:  Great, great uncle

Date and place of birth:

 2nd December 1882 - Portishead, Bristol

1891 Census  Aged 8 - Living at Fircliff House with parents, Elizabeth, Atchason, Kathleen and Kenneth.
1901 Census  


 Aged 18 - Attending Monmouth Grammar School with Atchason.

Date and place of marriage:

 19th December 1914 - Wandsworth, Surrey. Living at 9 Bellvue Road, Battersea. Employed as a school master (possibly at Bellvue School).

Approximately 1919  


John Francis Ranald Daniel and Norah Manning Daniel with Stella, Sylvia and Patricia.




Approximately 1933




Norah Manning Daniel with her father, Charles Henry Wheeley and children Doreen, Stella, Patricia, Sylvia, Moira and John. (Was this photo take shortly after John's death?)

Date and place of death:

 20th November 1933 - Monmouth, Wales (he lived in Staunton, Gloucestershire).

Probate 2nd December 1933 DANIEL John Francis Ranald of Buckstone Lodge Staunton near Coleford Gloucestershire died 20 November 1933 Probate Llandaff 2 December to Norah Manning Daniel widow. Effects 398 17s 2d.
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