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Cecil Douglas PRYER


 William PRYER


 Annie Elizabeth POMEROY


 Jessie Lily PRYER


 William Thomas Rupert PRYER (Rupert)


 Harry Archibald PRYER (Arch)


 Harold Orlando PRYER


 Violet Evelyn PRYER




 Martyn D E PRYER


 Russell T PRYER

Relationship to Mark:

 Great uncle

Date and place of birth:

 1st quarter 1892 - Westminster, London

1901 Census

 Aged 9 - Living at 1 The Crescent, Slough with parents, Jessie, William, Harry and Violet.

5th December 1910

 Employed by Great Western Railway as a member of the wiring staff. 

1911 Census

 Aged 19 - Living at 6 Railway Sreet, Bath. Employed as an Electrical Wireman.

4th May 1915

 Joined Royal Naval Air Service. Assigned to HMS President 11 (stone frigate). Description: 5 foot 9.5 inches, chest 37 inches, hair dark brown, eyes blue, complexion fair, scar on left cheek.

2nd July 1915

 Joined HMS Menelaus. Part of the commissioning crew. Ship launched on 24th June.

1st March 1917

 Joined HMS Campania, aircraft carrier

1st July 1917

 Joined HMS Crystal Palace

9th September 1917

 Rejoined HMS Campania

17th October 1917

 Joined RNAS depot ship Icarus

1st January 1918

 Rejoined HMS Campania

6th March 1918

 Joined HMS Canning

31st March 1918

 Discharged from RNAS

1st January 1920

 Employed as Wireman 2nd Class by Great Western Railway (1st class later backdated to the same date)

12th November 1923

 Employed as Leading Wireman by Great Western Railway 

18th November 1930

 Employed as Foreman Wireman by Great Western Railway 

Date and place of marriage:

 3rd quarter 1937 - Islington, London

Date and place of death:

 1st quarter 1943 - Uxbridge, Middlesex

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