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As we take a bit of a step back from sailing - although we have no plans to give up completely, the emphasis of the website is changing.

There will still be lots of pictures of sailing, but there will also be lots more "family stuff". We have also added a section on family history. Mark's family tree has become so cumbersome that it was difficult to know how to display it. We hope that it will prove interesting for our family and also for those researching other branches of the family.

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 What's new on our family tree?


Welcome to Jessica Rose, the newest addition to the family tree. Her arrival on 7th May added a new generation to the fmily.


Congratulations to Grace and Andrew and also to Simon and Rosie.

WAAF Interrogates for crew 72

Left to Right

V.E. “Val” Pryer, and crew 72 - C.H. “Chuck” Havill, W.R. “Bill” Ellwood, Ted Vigor

Members of the Bluenose Squadron crew are interrogated by a WAAF section officer on their return from bombing strategic objectives in Northern France. Her name is V.E. “Val” Pryer, Walton on Thames, Surrey: she has been attached to the RCAF Bomber Group Overseas since its formation.

The boys are, Left to Right, C.H. “Chuck” Havill, rear gunner, Rockingham, Halifax County, N.S.: F/O W.R. “Bill” Ellwood, bomb aimer, (128 Howland Ave.) Toronto, and W/O Ted Vigor, (15 Grantham Ave.) St. Catherines, Ont.

One month later this crew "FTR" from a mission to Montzen on the 27/28 April 1944, all were killed

29 March 1944

Courtesy CFJIC, PL – 28609

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